5th October 2017

Boundless Play Area, Windreach, Bermuda

artists impression of the planned accessible play at Boundless

An inclusive adventure play experience for all

Located in Warwick Parish, Bermuda, Windreach is a fully accessible 4-acre facility offering a range of therapeutic and educational experiences for people with varying physical and intellectual abilities. The boundless playground will sit within this amazing facility and has the potential to be a hugely important and rewarding part of the visitor experience to those at Windreach.

The aims of this project and the development of Boundless Playground is to create a inspiring, bespoke playground that offers the same inclusive and magical experience for all visitors to Windreach, regardless of their abilities.

In our initial site visit that we talked about in the blog here, we said that giving the play a sense of place, unique to Bermuda was one of our key aims, whilst offering completely accessible play. You can see from these initial visuals, that we have captured that sense of history and architecture of Bermuda and surrounding landscape.

The play area will be totally unique, offering an exciting new place for children and adults to play, learn and experience.

Aerial view of the planned Boundless accessible play at Windreach, Bermuda

Aerial view of the planned Boundless accessible play at Windreach, Bermuda

So watch this space as we work through the full design development and share it with you on here.

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