A day or two in the life of a treehouse builder

A day in the life of a Treehouse Builder

All of our build team on-site are talented builders. But most of them have other talents too. One of them, Joshua davies happens to be a pretty good film-maker and here are two of his short films about a day in the life of a treehouse builder. And then the follow up where they showcase their […]

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Culzean Castle Wild Woodland – Progress report


We have been exceptionally lucky with the weather during this build so far and that’s bound to change. The good news is that we are well on schedule and making the best use of the calm before the usual Scottish storms. There’s real form starting to emerge with the structures amongst the trees and you can […]

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Build progress at the Wild Woodland at Culzean Castle

There's a lot of tea being drunk on site at the Wild Woodland at Culzean Castle

The build is now well underway and the progress is remaining at full pace. The pictures below show some of the structures emerging from the Wild Woodland. We have been very lucky with the weather again and the materials on-site are working beautifully. although it is still quite early days, we can see that this […]

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Starting on-site with the build of the Wild Woodland at Culzean Castle

The team assemble in the sun at Culzean Castle ready for the build

The build of the Wild Woodland Adventure Play area has now started at Culzean Castle after the successful completion of the planning process. The build will be completed by mid-January to allow time for the ground to recover and look its beautiful best before the planned opening at Easter 2017. The early stages of our […]

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To Ecuador with the United Nations

View from the roof of the cathedral with populated hills visible in the background in the historic colonial center of Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador is a brand free zone One of the things that made the most lasting impression on me was the total lack of brands. No McDonalds, Wendy’s, Costa or even Taco Bell anywhere. I don’t think I saw one single brand the entire time I was there, even in the airport, nothing, none. No hotel […]

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Managing the planning process for the National Trust for Scotland

Planning of Culzean Castle play for NTS

After the success of the initial build phase for Culzean Castle with the Adventure Cove, we have now been commissioned to manage the planning and build for phase two – The Wild Woodland. The Wild Woodland Phase Two sees the play extend from the Adventure Cove into the Woodland beyond to enlarge the adventure play experience […]

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