October 30, 2018

The Adventure Play Extension at Fort Douglas

Dalkeith Country Park


We love it when a new project goes through the design process and begins to come to life in the visuals our design team produce. In this project we are adding a new Adventure Play extension to the brilliant Fort Douglas Adventure Play Centre at Dalkeith Country Park.

Our first extension to the existing play was the addition of the Orangerie Zip Wire Hub that was completed earlier in the year and you can see that here.

So here are the first visuals for the Adventure Play extension. It's a tricky and challenging climb through the trees rewarded at the end with a super fast slide down one of the twin racing slides. We'll have images of the team on site soon, but in the meantime, here are the visuals for you to enjoy.

Dalkeith adventure play initial drawing

Adventure play from below

Adventure play showing the racing slides in the background

Front view of the racing slides inside the adventure play

Adventure play at Fort-Douglas Dalkeith Country Park


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